Commercial Services

Fire alarm system

Designed to detect fire, initiate automated devices and / or inform their impending occurrence for activation of the emergency services. Modules integrated GSM / GPRS send SMS reporting occurrence of events, can control the system with your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Access Control

The access control is an essential element of security and management of facilities. Our systems are designed to control and monitor people, goods as well as traffic. FPB’s access control systems are developed through a wide range of hi-techs security criteria to ensure facilities’ managers can effectively monitor movements in all their services’ areas. Our […]

Public Address & Voice Evacuation

The voice evacuation systems are often installed in shopping malls, office building and passenger terminals, which can be used to broadcast music, announcements or emergency information

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter’s protection acts as bold physical barrier and provides high performance rates on intrusion detection. All systems installed by FPB have a high probability of detection and low rates of false alarms, allowing intrusion’s alert, which prevents and/or delays intrusion access. FPB provides wide systems of perimeter protection to attend different applications and environment: Electric […]


CCTV cameras can produce images or recordings for surveillance purposes, such as controlling buildings/houses, crime detection and risk evaluations. Closed circuit television can incorporate well-designed features distinct from the basic needs of surveillance and protection of people, buildings, vehicles and other valuables, until the monitoring of events in places such as banks, casinos, airports, military […]

After sales service

FPB provides technical assistance, which includes the Maintenance contracts, corrective interventions, alterations layouts, system upgrades, among others. With a highly qualified and dynamic technical staff, we provide a fast and efficient response to your demands and requirements. With FPB you will be hiring the best solutions and the best service, thereby ensuring that the systems […]