Residential Services

Multi Room Audio and Video

The room, the dining room or the pool by playing the music you want, without having to move to the device to press a button. The implementation of sound zones, decreases dramatically the investment in centralized systems for audio and video, by introducing the concept of independence of the compartments of a house. All audio […]

Security Systems

The safety and well-being of your family and the security of your home are of primary concern for FPB. Our high-tech systems provide peace of mind and comfort to our clients in various situations. The cameras of high resolution allows to monitor different compartments and can be integrated in order to activate alarms in case […]

Home Cinema & Home Theater

Transforming your home into a true cinema can be easy and fast with FPB services. With one click, the DVD player, the projector and the screen are activated simultaneously for the comfort of our customers, replacing the various controls that make up a traditional home theater. The FPB also offers the option to integrate other […]

Lighting Control

Having your home designed to suit every moment and environment, by modifying the illumination with ease and agility. With FPB solutions, you can turn on or off certain lights and adjusts the intensity, creating the desired environment, through simple touch panels and mobile devices. Our sophisticated detention sensors of human presence allows the lamps to […]